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Welcome! I'm Austin Grady, I coach Baby Boomers who want to age on their own terms and I train and certify Age-Reversal Coaches.

Austin Grady's Bio:

Austin Grady is a Certified Anti-Aging Coach with a Doctors Degree in Metaphysics who declares that the first 60 years of his life were mere preparation for the ultimate job he came here to do, empower middle-aged adults to experience and express their personal magnificence.

Although the job titles in his previous 40-year work career were diverse, Austin claims that it was all about mastering coaching. As a salesperson,  he learned to coach people to make decisions based on their needs and goals. As an independent professional masseur in Southern California, he learned to coach people to accept the truth of their personal magnificence by interpreting the meaning behind the aches and pains that manifested in their bodies. Finally as a business owner and sales manager he coached others to achieve outstanding results by trusting universal spiritual laws and employing “best practices” on a daily basis.

Best practices in Austin’s coaching include combining ancient wisdom with modern science to create a holistic approach to aging that delivers optimal health, satisfying relationships, fulfilling work and financial independence and freedom.

Austin has been coaching people about, health, relationships, work and finance since 1986. After earning his certification as an Anti-Aging coach .in 2012, He developed an integrated system of proven best practices that will add more years to a person’s life and add more life to their years! Realizing that he could not possibly coach everyone who could benefit from this system began the shift from coaching individual clients to training coaches in his system.

This was the genesis of the Age-Reversal Coach Certification Program. The program focuses on the Baby Boomer generation as clients and as coaches. Baby Boomers occupy a strategic position to make a tremendous positive impact globally. An age-reversal lifestyle offers Boomers the longevity and vitality to make their unique contributions.

There are currently openings in the Age-Reversal Coaches Certification Program for people who have a passion for helping people. The ideal would be someone over 50 who might enjoy earning a professional income and helping others as an Age-Reversal Coach. For more information please click here

Austin frequently recommends products that compliment an age-reversal  lifestyle, suggests money-making projects that relieve financial stress, creates projects that empower a meaningful life purpose, and activities that deepen social engagement and increase quality relationships.

Austin Grady, the anti-aging coach, is currently completing The Magnificence Factor a Handbook for Anti-Aging, a book scheduled for release in late 2014. He is also continually adding new articles and blog posts to his website


Coach Austin, as his clients call him, is active in social media on several platforms. He enjoys being a trusted adviser and a reliable resource. Austin Grady is passionate about the significant role members of his generation are positioned to play, as individuals and as groups, in re-shaping the world into a more joy-filled, peaceful and loving place.  


 "People born between 1946 and 1964 have a great chance of living well into their 90s. With some informed decision making, those years will be healthy, productive and create a legacy of personal magnificence!" ~Austin Grady       


Austin Grady's Experience:

  • Masseur at MetaMassage

    I provided two-hour metaphysical massages to clients in their homes in Southern California. *Developed two-hour "MetaMassage" massage therapy *Grew the client base to 100+ *Created the MetaMassage training course.

  • Real Estate Broker at Residential Investors Brokerage

    Broker of Record on Income Producing Residential Units in Southern California.Broker - Specialized in Multifamily Income Property Sales - Created Investment Profile Systems - Increased business 27% in a down market

  • Sales Manager at Century 21 On Target

    Conduct Real Estate Licensing School - Hire and Train New Real Estate Agents - Manage Real Estate Sales. - Tripled monthly sales volume in one year. - Reduced average time for new agent first sale to one month from six months - Increased effective hire rate for license school by 63%.

  • Age-Reversal Coach at Austin Grady

    As a coach, Austin helped clients to develop an ideal vision for the second half of their lives. The vision is a clear and specific description of the client's desires regarding health, relationships, career and finances. The vision provides the framework setting goals and the road map for holistic age-reversal coaching. Austin Grady mentors future age-reversal coaches through a holistic life-coaching curriculum that certifies them as Age-Reversal Coaches. The certification process includes individual one-on-one coaching sessions that cover a complete age-reversal curriculum; core competencies of coaching, and the establishment of a high income producing coaching practice. Through curriculum assignments and individual coaching sessions, students rapidly develop mastery over concepts and practices that help clients look and feel younger quickly. The curriculum assignments also establish the basis for the student's business plan and branding strategy.

Austin Grady's Education:

  • Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness

    Certified Anti-Aging Coach Practitioner
    Concentration: Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching
    Activities: Life Coaching, Anatomy and Chemistry, Holistic Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Physical Fitness and Detoxification.
  • University of Metaphysics

    Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D
    Concentration: Mystical Metaphysics
    Activities: Doctoral Dissertation: The Magnificence Attunement A Metaphysical Path by Austin Grady

Austin Grady's Interests & Activities:

Social Media, Meditation, Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Fitness, Micro-finance, Blogging

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